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Farrelly & Mitchell is a global food and agribusiness consultancy firm. We work closely with our clients to develop bespoke and transformative growth strategies, grounded in sustainability.

Top five strategies to help agri-food sector businesses navigate the coronavirus outbreak

The world is in the midst of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. How can food and farming stakeholders effectively respond to the crisis?

How to reduce food waste and loss? A different approach

One-third of the world’s food gets wasted while millions go hungry. We take a global look at the paradox that is food waste and loss and its overall impact.

Making growth and efficiencies possible through specialist expertise

We provide complete value chain coverage to forward-looking food and agribusiness companies and organisations, helping them to grow, invest and improve efficiencies.

What we do 

Our considerable agribusiness & food industry knowledge and experience help clients within these sectors to make the right decisions, improve and sustainably grow.

Due Diligence Commercial and Technical

Due Diligence Commercial & Technical

Policy Strategy Development & Execution

Policy/Strategy Development & Execution

Feasibility & Financial Modelling

Feasibility & Financial Modelling

Sustainability Due Diligence & Auditing

Sustainability Due Diligence & Auditing

Market Intelligence & Insights

Market Intelligence & Insights

Project Evaluation & Management

Project Evaluation & Management

Latest Updates

Keep up with the latest Farrelly & Mitchell news, as well as our insights and reports on global food and agribusiness.


Blockchain in agriculture: solving agri-food supply chain issues with new-tech


BBC report draws on Farrelly & Mitchell analysis of COVID-19 impact in Arab nations


Covid-19 presents a chance to build a more resilient food supply chain

COVID – 19: How it impacts our food supply chains

The coronavirus represents a rare and critical threat to agribusiness and food supplies. This is an overview of the current scenario, the challenges of which we can help you to adapt and overcome.

Our expertise

See our areas of food and agribusiness expertise below and let’s talk about how we can help your business today.


Agri-Food M&A

Food Sustainability & ESG

Food & Beverage

Agtech & Foodtech

Food Security

Government & Multilateral Agencies

Our reach

We are in the business of experience, from strategy to implementation.


Our Location

With offices in Europe, Middle East & Africa, our on-the-ground specialists give us both a local and global reach


Our Experience

16 years as a consultancy, our team draw on decades of experience in the food and agribusiness space

Value Chain

Value Chain

We provide full value chain coverage, strategising, planning and executing decisions across every link from farm to fork


Projects Completed

We have completed over $3 billion in consulting and due diligence projects across the food and agri spectrum


Sector Specialists

We work with over 300 sector specialists worldwide, providing in-depth analysis across all agribusiness and food activities


Our Clients

Our service expertise is used by governments, corporate & private equity clients worldwide


Our Strengths

Our clients benefit from deep operational, financial, and strategic experience from project initiation through to completion

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